We create special memories from photographs

We are confident in the exceptional quality of our photographs, so photo sessions with us are completely obligation-free.

You only pay for the photos you choose in our online application.

Payment is also made directly in the application - by bank transfer or online. All you have to do is pick up the finished photos at your school.

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Why choose us?

We create exceptional, high-quality portraits of children.

We guarantee quality - the photo session is entirely non-binding.

After the session, you can select photos online in our application.

Pay for your photos through the application - online or by bank transfer.

Photos are available as prints and in electronic form.

We have a wide range of additional products.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and excellent organisational skills, and on the premium quality of the photos and products thereby produced. We know that the key to great results is creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. Parents first view their child’s photos, then order and pay in the comfort of their own homes using our online app, which is available in both Czech and English.

What do schools and parents think of our work?

I’m going to order a book of our school photos from the past 15 years - from kindergarten through primary school. It’s a gift for my in-laws, but we also wanted one for ourselves.


The school photos of our daughter that you take are the only gift that her grandmothers have requested from us for over seven years—the most natural and beautiful photos of Amálka. We’ll come to your studio for family photos.

Karolína T.

In the photo you took, it looks like our kids genuinely like each other. We’ve never been able to capture this rare moment ourselves.

Anna J.
Focení je jen začátek

Choose from a wide range of products

It doesn’t end with the photo session. In addition to photos on photo paper and in electronic form, we offer a variety of gift items featuring your photos. We’ll be happy to create a photo book, calendar, or wall art portrait that will become a beautiful memory or the perfect gift.


Your children can have photos like these as well:

We also offer...


Child and family photography

Professional photos of your children and the whole family are essential for your photo album! Whether we take the photos in our studio in Prague, at your home, during your favourite family activity, or while walking around the city, the resulting photos will become a beautiful memory of your loved ones.


Corporate photo sessions

We’ll create great employee photos for you that reinforce your company’s image and make it clear at a glance that you care about quality. They also provide professional representation of your company to its customers, clients, and partners. We’ll organise the perfect photo session in your offices.