Photography for schools and kindergartens

We are school photography specialists with over 15 years of experience.

We organise the entire session - from logistics to seamless execution to easy online payments.

We take photos with no obligation - parents order prints after the photo session, once they have viewed previews on the website.

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Why choose us?

Hassle-free photo session

Good planning and our capable assistants will ensure an organised, smoothly-executed photo session. We’ll disrupt your school operations as little as possible.

Guaranteed high-quality photos and products

Parents order photographs only after they have previewed them online in our application via a unique link.

We create exceptional photographs

It’s essential that the photo session takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and that everyone is satisfied with the result.

We guarantee privacy

Photo previews, orders, and payments take place in our proprietary application via a unique link visible only to the child’s parent.

Safety is of prime concern for us

We always carefully adhere to each and every hygiene rule and regulation to ensure that every participant is always safe.

Special bonus for schools

We offer a bonus on services according to your needs. Use it to photograph teachers, for class photos, and more.

Over the past 15 years, we have photographed more than 14,000 children from nurseries to universities. We know how to organise photo sessions at kindergartens and schools to ensure that everyone - from parents to children to school staff - is satisfied. We have fine-tuned the logistics, and we create a relaxed atmosphere for the photo session, all while ensuring the process is smooth and hassle-free.

We’ll take care of everything

We focus not only on high-quality photographs, but also on ensuring the session is perfectly organised and runs smoothly. We work with the school to put together a detailed schedule to minimise disruption to school operations. We guarantee minimal involvement of school staff and maximum involvement of our assistants helping the photographer.

How we set up the photo studio:

The result is high-quality, natural-looking photographs:

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What do schools and parents think of our work?

“This was the best PHOTO DAY I have had as headmaster of this school. I had no idea that all of our students and classes were having their pictures taken in the hall today.”

Mgr. Antonín H.
School headmaster

Schools and kindergartens that trust us:

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